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The Ervandashat project is an experimental ground to using of most futuristic and progressive ideas in building, new way of living and rethinking the idea of comfort. Place for new art and content creators, digital nomads, forward thinkers.The art of architecture is really about more than just how the buildings look. It’s about how the buildings feel and experience.

This series of futuristic architectural concepts for a project of recreational and active tourism zone near Ervandashat village focuses on the aesthetic and experimential aspects, as well as on empowering place and memory, a new way to experience time and space in environment.We are excited to share the concept arts, that we have created with the help of Midjourney A.I. and Photoshop.

Visitor center and archeological museum:
exterior and interior

Important detail – all areas of the project connected by zero-step pedestrian and bicycle ways

Big ring: central building, big radial office space, contains local control and legislation center

Zero Central: co-working and office building, based on zero emission and recyclable principles and materials